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Optimarine are able to offer the latest in marine lubrication technology.

Working with Penrite Oil Company we are able to offer a truly comprehensive range of products formulated especially for marine.

Penrite’s marine range has the right product for the right application whether you fish the estuaries or roam the open sea, Penrite marine oils and lubricants, have you covered.

All of the two and four stroke oils have NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) TC-W3 (Two Stroke) or FC-W (Four Stroke) approvals so you are guaranteed that they meet the specifications and requirements of the engine manufacturers.

Penrite Marine Range & Application Guide


Products Available:

  • Marine Four Stroke 10W30
  • Marine Four Stroke 10W40
  • Marine Four Stroke 25W40
  • Marine Outboard Two Stroke
  • Marine Gear Oil 75W90
  • Marine Grease
Products available in a variety of pack sizes.

Please contact us for more information.